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Elite Turnaround Specialists, Ltd. (ETS) provides complete turnaround and fabrication services with the highest skilled crafts and a custom-designed equipment fleet ready to handle the needs of each individual client.

Industry leader in full-time supervision

$10+ mil dollars of field machining equipment

$10+ mil dollars of torquing & tensioning equipment

30+ bundle extractors

Bolting Services

Field Machining Services

Heat Exchangers

Specialty Process Units

Specialty Alloy Welding & Furnace Boilers

ASME Certifications

Specialty Services

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Elite Turnaround Specialists Fabrication

The Elite Turnaround Specialists Fabrication facility offers full-time CWI, QA/QC, and trained staff with the latest technology available in pipe fabrication.

ETS Carbon/Chrome Shop

ASME Certifications

Stainless Steel/Alloy Shop

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