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Stronghold University (SU) is an innovative training facility that is unprecedented in our industry. SU’s unique approach to education bridges the gap between theory and skills development with a real plant environment and interactive exhibits specifically designed and built to develop our Stronghold people.

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Looking After Our People

Our goal is to attract, develop, and retain the very best craftsmen and field leadership.

That’s why we’ve made substantial investments in not only the education of our people but the overall well-being of their mind, body, and spirit. At SU, they are provided with a comfortable, inviting, and energetic environment that includes the following features:

Developing Our Craftsmen

We are passionate about engaging our craftsmen through education. Our course development professionals work with hand-selected Stronghold field experts to create innovative, hands-on courses. This training when assessed with performance in the field is used to develop world-class craftsmen.

Stronghold University core craft training modules include:

ASME Controlled Bolting Training

  • ASME PCC1 controlled bolting
  • Torquing and tensioning
  • Bolt induction heating
  • Ultrasonic bolt monitoring
  • Blinding 
  • Hot bolting

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Field Machinist Training

  • Precision field machining
  • Flange facing
  • Milling
  • Line boring
  • Drilling and tapping
  • Cold cutting
  • Double block line isolating

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Mechanical Training

  • TEMA principles
  • Heat exchanger disassembly and reassembly
  • Bundle removal and reinstallation
  • Channel cover removal and installation
  • Channel head removal and installation
  • Hydro testing
  • Piping flange blinding and deblinding

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Reactor & Tower Tray Training

  • Multi-vessel and multi-bed
  • Tray removal and installation
  • Tray repair and maintenance
  • Tray tunneling
  • Rope packing
  • Screen installation
  • Hardware management and match-marking
  • Tray inspection

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Tank Training

  • Tank erection
  • Floating roof erection
  • Floating roof seal installation
  • Tank inspection
  • Wind girder scaffold awareness
  • Wind girder scaffold competent person

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Catalyst Craft Training

  • API 2217A inert entry
  • High angle confined space rescue
  • Life support console module supervisor
  • HD camera systems with remote video sharing
  • Catalyst loading and unloading operations
  • Grubbs manifold test
  • Catalyst screening
  • Loading pipe
  • Vacuum catalyst containers

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Inspection Training

  • NDE VT – Visual Testing
  • NDE UT – Ultrasonic Testing
  • NDE PT – Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • NDE MT – Magnetic Particle Testing
  • NDE RT (X-Ray) – Radiographic Testing
  • NDE MFL – Magnetic Flux Leakage

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Developing Our Field Leadership

Our field leadership is exposed to custom-built, four-day highly interactive courses based on the project lifecycle, using real project case studies and scenarios. The goal is to make smarter, safer, and faster decisions in the field.

Stronghold Field Leadership Training:

  • Senior management
  • Project management
  • Advanced field project leadership (Superintendent)
  • First-line leadership
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Leading the Industry in Excellence

We have been a part of Quanta since 2017, and our parent company has lived up to their reputation of being the best in the service industry by obtaining, training, and delivering great people to its great partners worldwide. This University is a testament to them, you (our partners), and the incredible people of the Stronghold family.

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